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Avenger 85 Full Kit

Avenger 85 Full Kit

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Avenger 85 Engine Highlights:

  1. The recently launched Avenger 85 engine boasts a 52mm bore and 40mm stroke, providing a genuine 85cc displacement.
  2. Enhanced cooling is achieved through additional surface area of cooling fins on the cylinder.
  3. The cylinder head features an expanded cooling area for improved heat dissipation.
  4. Transfer ports are enclosed with generous radii, contributing to enhanced mid-range power.
  5. The intake port opening is increased and comes with a new intake manifold to ensure proper sealing.
  6. The exhaust port has been widened with a broader 52mm bolt spacing.
  7. A single-ring, lightweight piston design is incorporated to boost power output.

Stage 1 Stock Assembled Engine: The Avenger 85 engine in Stage 1 is now available in a stock assembled configuration. This version retains all the features of the stock but comes fully assembled for added convenience. This engine package is designed to deliver optimal performance for enthusiasts seeking a hassle-free upgrade.


Stage 2 Performance Modified Engine: The Avenger 85 engine, in its Stage 2 Performance Modified configuration, introduces upgraded components as well modifaction to increase port timing using extra gaskets, resulting in a noticeable boost in power and speed. Additionally, the cylinder is shortened to reset squish clearance, ensuring combustion efficiency.

The Stage 2 Performance Modified Engine includes upgraded components:

  1. OLYIN Hardened Bevel Gears, 
  2. High-Speed Crank Pin Bearing,
  3. YD85CC Balanced Crankshaft,
  4. and a 420+OHM Magneto Coil and Magnet.

Included in the engine package are:

  1. High Flow Exhaust Muffler.
  2. Front and Rear Mounting Hardware.
  3. Bofeng Carburetor.
  4. Spark Plug.
Full Kit Also Includes:

1. 2L Black Fuel Tank
2. Clutch Lever
3. Throttle With Kill Switch 
4. Chromed 9 hole, 44 Tooth Sprocket 
5. 415 Chain 
6. Sprocket Install Kit 
7. Chain Tensioner with 4 bolts.
8. Chain Guard
9. Clutch Cable & Accelerator Cable 
9. Front U Mount 
11. CDI Ignition 
12. Spark Plug Tool 
13. Clutch Tool

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