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Custom Built Vertical Minarelli Engine + MZ65 Pipe

Custom Built Vertical Minarelli Engine + MZ65 Pipe

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Presenting the Custom Built Vertical Minarelli Engine by Ken Hinson of 

Scuttle Bucket Bikes

this engine features a range of high-performance attributes:

  1. Meticulously honed cylinders.
  2. Matched and cleaned cylinder ports gaskets with squish clearance adjustment.
  3. Trued and balanced crankshafts for optimal performance.
  4. Carefully matched crankcase and cylinder adapter plate.
  5. OLYIN CNC Cylinder Head for precision.
  6. OLYIN CNC Intake Manifold for enhanced airflow.
  7. OLYIN MZ65 Belly Pipe for added efficiency.
  8. VM20 Style Carburetor for optimal fuel delivery.
  9. High-flow air cleaner for improved filtration.
  10. 6mm cylinder studs for durability.

Upgraded components include:

  1. SKF Crankshaft and Clutch Shaft Bearings.
  2. Fluorine Crank Seals for improved sealing.
  3. High-speed crank pin bearing for enhanced performance.
  4. Hardened bevel gear for increased durability.
  5. Robust 380 lbs clutch spring for double clamping force.
  6. Exclusive OLYIN N45 Magnet and 480+OHM Magneto Coil for superior functionality.

In collaboration with Alan Zang of OLYIN, this custom-assembled bike engine not only excels in individual parts but also prioritizes overall engine quality. This engine sets the standard for top-tier production quality. The standout feature is the 380 lbs clutch spring, providing double the clamping force for superior durability and performance compared to standard springs.

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